Monday, June 28, 2010

Bar~Top Tuesday??

I hope a "bar~top" counts for Table Top Tuesday. Mine is about nine feet long. I have three bar~stools now, but plan to get new ones and possibly another chair added.

Another view of the bar~top. I used a mix of dishes bought at Ross and from Sicily.

The above pics are the rooster placemats I picked up at Ross for $3.99. I picked up two different patterns, I couldn't decide which one I liked better. Why not both?

I picked up the above plate in Sicily. They are called Calecula dishes. They have assorted patterns. We happen to pick some up out of their dumping area. They have a dumping ground for those dishes that have imperfections. A forklift kinda truck comes and dumps them. Then, that's when "us Americans" run in and grab what we can or want. Then another truck comes by after and crushes them, this way they recycle the pottery. Yes, dishes and other pottery for FREE!!!!!

This is the other pattern I got out of the "dumping grounds" for free.

Above the matching salt & pepper.

And the matching cream & sugar.

Below is a picture of the end of my bar~top.

The rooster was a gift from sister from Pier One.

I wanted to show you the painted~tile look I did underneath my bar. I started with a base of gray paint for the "grout", then used quarter inch blue painters tape to mask the "tiles" off. Then, I did a rag rolling affect with 4 different paint colors for the tiles. There you have it, my faux tiles....

On my hutch above, is my Sicily fish plate. It's displayed between two Dollar Tree plates from a few years ago.

The above pic is another little serving tray from my Sicilian collection.

Below is another view of the bar~top.

A Mosaic picture of the bar~top and hutch displays.

I am joining Marty for her "Table Top Tuesday" party, this is at her blog A Stroll Thru Life. It's nice to see all the vignettes you ladies have... I'm, also, joining Linda at her blog Coastal Charm, for her "Nifty Thrifty Tuesday" party. This is a fun party full of thrifty finds. I will join Mary, too, for her Mosaic Monday party. She has quite a variety of mosaics shown at her blog Little Red House. Thank you ladies for hosting these wonderful blogging parties!!! Have a great week everyone......Michelle

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Garage Salen Party!

I thought I'd join in on the party fun over at Debbie's blog Debbiedoos loves livin in the Carolinas. She does a garage salen/thriftin party every week. This will be my first time participating....:)

My daughter and I had a chance to get out and do a little thrift store shopping this week. I didn't find anything that jumped out at me, but my daughter begged for this Zebra throw. It's a homemade tied~knot blanket and definitely warm.  She won't be needing it for awhile here in FL.

Here's another view of the blanket.....she loves anything animal print....

Can't wait to see everyone's treasures they have found  this week!!

Join the fun!!!...............Michelle

Monday, June 21, 2010

Five Favorites Linky Party

Hey there!!!! It's been a while since my last post and blogging. Boy, I really have missed everyone and seeing all the post. I've been trying to catch up and look at previous posts. I've busy been running to doctors with my middle son who developed a back problem over the last few years, needless to say we got the ball rolling on what the game plan is going to be on helping him with this condition. Fortunately, it does not hurt him.

I see that Rene over at Cottage and Vine is having a blogging party on her five favorite things she would take in her overnight bag. I thought I would join in on the fun. I did a similiar party on make~up a few months back.

1. and 2. Oil of Olay cleanser and Garnier moisturizer are the first two things......

3. See that little gold tube's my very favorite's eye shadow primer, it insures your eyeshadow stays on and won't crease. That's a good thing in the FL heat!!

4. I love this mascara! I have been using it for years and still like it.... and it's not expensive.

5. The green can  is my favorite hairspray Garnier-Full Control anit-humidity hairspray. It gives great hold, but not sticky. The other two items are great, too. The Chi silk infusion is great for if your straightening your hair or have the frizzies.

The above Bare Minerals kit is nice, too. I had to sneak it in!!!

Those are my five favorite things...hope you enjoyed!! Thank you to Rene for having this fun blogging party! ........Michelle

Thursday, April 22, 2010


N is for NAVY

I was a Navy brat and a Navy wife. We are a proud Navy family! I did a scrapbook for husband's  Navy retirement. He served for 20 years and thought I would share a few pages from it.

This is a portrait my husband took in his Navy uniform before his last deployment and the cover of the Navy scrapbook.

Navy emblem on the inside cover.

Navy definition:A navy is the branch of a nation's armed forces principally designated for naval warfare and amphibious warfare; namely, lake- or ocean-borne combat operations and related functions. It includes anything conducted by surface ships, amphibious ships, submarines, and seaborne aviation, as well as ancillary support, communications, training, and other fields; recent developments have included space related operations. The strategic offensive role of a navy is projection of force into areas beyond a country's shores (for example, to protect sea-lanes, ferry troops, or attack other navies, ports, or shore installations). The strategic defensive purpose of a navy is to frustrate seaborne projection-of-force by enemies. The strategic task of the navy also may incorporate nuclear deterrence by use of nuclear missiles.

This page shows my husband on the flight deck of the USS Enterprise, a Navy aircraft carrier, in his flight deck gear. The Navy plane behind him is an S~3.

My husband when he first joined the Navy. Oh, so young! I met him 5 months after I graduated high school and we have been together since.

This picture above will always be special to me. It captures the moment my husband came home after his 9 month deployment to Desert Storm/Desert Shield, that is our first born between us. My dad took the shot, you see my husband had left when our first born was 2 hours old and didn't get back until he was 9 months old. I was fortunate to have the wonderful support of family and friends during that time. I often tell my husband you're lucky I was a Navy brat first, I knew what I was getting into before I married him!

This is a  photo of the Navy ship and hubby is sitting in what they call a berthing, where they sleep. Those colorful ribbons, are like the Navy ribbons given to the men during that time. I thought it was neat they had them on scrapbooking cards!

One of our Navy duty stations was in Virginia for 3 years. Someone told us it didn't snow by the beach, they lied! My husband is in his Navy whites and my boys in the other pic. I had my second son while we were stationed there.

This is a picture of my husband's Navy re~enlistment. The special part was my dad is the one re~enlisting him! My dad was an officer in Navy and the swearing in can only be done by an officer.  My dad served in the Navy for 30 years! Not many people can have their father re~enlist their husband in the Navy. Great memories!

Ah, our next duty station the Navy sent us to, is Sicily. We knew this would be an opportunity of a life time. We got to enjoy all the culture and its surroundings. I had my daughter there, too! I often joke, saying she has the made in Italy stamp on her behind! LOL!  The pictures above are in Agrigento, Sicily, it still has some of the Greek structures still standing. Amazing, isn't it?

This is picture of us in a German restaurant. My husband joined a Navy bike team and we drove up to Germany for his mountain bike competetion.

At one time my husband had to travel for the Navy. He had a layover in New York, so he decided to do a little sight~seeing. He had a lady snap a pic of him on the ferry to the Statue of Liberty. It is a picture with the Twin Towers behind him, two years before 9/11. Who knew......

We are a coffee lovin' family! When the Navy ship would pull into port, my husband would check out the Starbucks! Yes, overseas! We have quite a collction of mugs!

The last page of the Navy scrapbook is my husband looking over the bow of the Navy ship during a sunset. He says there is nothing like watching the sunset out at sea. I can't imagine....

A couple of other Navy memorbilia, a picture of him and the Navy emblem and his Navy shadow box. A shadow box is all the Navy ribbons and a folded flag at the top. My husband's flag just happens to have been flown where the Twin Tower's were....

Now you know we are a NAVY family.... hope you enjoyed the Navy scrapbook pictures. I am joining Jenny Matlock for Alphabe~Thursday. You can see more N items at her blog Jenny my tangent, they're are sure to be some great N post!.....Now have a great day!... Michelle

Sunday, April 18, 2010

"Around the Yard and Back"

I've been out in the yard, alot! The weather has been just gorgeous! My husband was getting some extra hours at work, so I decided to tackle the yard myself. I weeded, mulched, and just spruced things up. The kids did help with the edging and the mowing. Thank goodness! This picture is of my Knockout roses around the lantern. They filled in quickly. They originally start out as 3 little potted plants. Aren't they something?

This bottom picture is before the sprucing up and new mulch.

This is another shot of the front yard beds before redoing them. My dear husband made the one in the center of the yard in a heart shape for me last year on Mother's day. I know, very sweet and thoughtful of him. :)

The beds are getting  some new flowers. I do have some perrenials that I cut back, that are starting to flower now. My elm tree fluffed up nicely this year, too.

 I liked my first elm tree so much, I planted this one here on the other side of the front yard. It is replacing a little palm tree that didn't make it. I think the elm will do better in its place. Hopefully, the grass will come in better.

Here is a garden angel peeking out from the lorapetlum bushes. The picture below is a better shot of daisies planted in the front bed.

My metal sun needed some refreshing, as well. Poor thing!

Here he is, all shiny and bright, with some yellow spray paint. I like how you can see the details better now.

My little hummingbird got some much needed paint, too.

I think he turned out pretty well and looks good among the lugustrims that are about to bloom. (I'm sure my allergies will flair up again.) I have few other things to spray paint and will post them after.

Oh, I have new theme in my backyard this year. I was always trying to do a tuscan look, but never quite could. I am loving the nautical theme instead. It just seems natural being in FL and having a pool. (By the way, the jacuzzi is coming along quite well.) The little crabby dish towel was only $1.49 and the little latern was $2.00 at Home Goods.

I have crabs! LOL! Just joking! They are plastic and from Home Goods. They were kinda on the pricey side. I couldn't resist though, I thought they would go great with theme. I hope to do another table vignette dressed up with them.

The lobster sign I got a Ross for $4.99. Another great touch to the nautical theme.

Here's are mosaic using the pics from the front and back.

Another picture of the daisies using my photo editing website. I love the how the butterflies look like they're really  flying in the picture! 

I am linking up with several blogging parties today....thank you ladies very much for having them. Please go by and visit them, there are so many ideas and so much inspiration to be found!....Michelle