Friday, March 5, 2010

Pink Saturday~hosted by Beverly at How Sweet The Sound

This is my first post for Pink Saturday! The above picture is of a Verbena flower that has started to bloom  on my back patio. It's in a pot and is in a covered area, I think that's why it does so well, besides being in FL. In a couple of previous post I have a Gerber daisy and the same thing. I have enhanced the photo with elements on my photo editing program I use. I loved the butterflies that look like they are flying around it! I do plant several different kinds of flowers for spring and summer. I try to stay with the ones that the butterflies like and will start digging into my butterfly garden soon. Enjoy!! Think Spring!!! I want to say "Thank You" to Beverly for hosting this party. You can enjoy more pink items at her blog How Sweet The Sound. Enjoy your weekend everyone!.....Michelle


Debbie said...

So pretty Michelle! Have a wonderful weekend!

Oklahoma Granny said...

Just dropped in to say hi. I've been visiting at Meme's Corner and she introduced me to your blog today.

Your photography is lovely.

Hope your weekend is just fabulous.

LV said...

You had beautiful post for today. Sorry you did not make the deadline. She has instructions on her blog as I am sure you saw. She has to know a week in advance if you are to participate. Sorry if I failed to tell you. Try next time.

Anonymous said...


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